How can we (re) imagine the street as a public space? How can we imagine the street beyond its function as a ‘route’? How can we enact new dynamics and life on to the street? What are the existing potentials? How can we engage and interact with the existing potentials on the street? What kinds of (new) street dynamic can we imagine today? What new kinds of public space/scene could emerge from streets today? What are the elements that could trigger such a spatial transformation?


The only legitmacy of the street is as public space. Without, there is no city. [ Spiro Kostof]


For the street is human movement institutionalized. An individual may clear or mark a path in a wilderness; but unless he is followed by others his path never becomes a road or a street because the road and street are social institutions and it is their acceptance by the community that gives them the name and the functions with which I am here concerned. [ Joseph Rykwert ]


Organizer & Editor: STUFF
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