Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition


The iconic Guggenheim brand and the quiet confidence of the Finnish identity inspire an art gallery defined by an ethereal quality of light, space, and material drawn directly from an understanding of place. The visible program is reduced to a highly charged stacked timber form that claims the site for the city but also distills its energy into a powerful point of gravity.

The galleries rest on a single level below a public plaza that invites the flow of both people and water across its subtly undulated surface. A choreography of curated courtyards allows for precise filtering of light into the galleries, rendering each with a unique atmosphere. Inside the wood form, the gallery soars into an unexpected vertical volume ripe with opportunity for artistic interventions. Small apertures left between the stacked timbers modulate the delicate light that surrounds or emanates from within the wooden shell, resulting in a magical interplay of material and space.

Project Team: 5468796 Architecture + STUFF (Jae-Sung Chon)

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