NEXT HOME 2017: Seoul

NEXT HOME 2017 is a crowd research project that will lead to a book-exhibition. The ambition of the publication is to 1. Connect (design & designers), 2. Mobilize (the topic as an ongoing discussion), and 3. Build (awareness in public & profession). Up to 101 architects and designers around the world will be invited in this publication to extend their current and ongoing research on urban living/housing onto Seoul’s tomorrow. As a book, NEXT HOME Seoul will host these projections, along with their respective research or insights on Seoul’s now. Further, a book launch exhibition is planned in the fall of 2017 using a curated selection of the submissions. NEXT HOME Seoul aims to establish ongoing discussions and imaginations on urban living in relation to fast-changing Seoul’s now.

NEXT HOME invites a range of people who have little or no direct experience with Seoul, Korean expats, or Korean natives/current residents, to cross-examine the perspectives of those with and without direct experience, to foster a range of discussions based on participants’ biases, advantages, and disadvantages. NEXT HOME invites extension and/or expansion of current and ongoing interests and insights in urban housing onto Seoul’s today and tomorrow. This invitation entails a gaze on Seoul’s current living, biased, short-sighted or thorough. Projective or speculative schemes are invited based on such gazes. The proposals can be for specific site or sites, or for typical conditions within Seoul. The focus of NEXT HOME is how the context renders the living at the UNIT scale.

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Team: STUFF (Jae-Sung Chon, Kent Mundle, Mackenzie Hammond)


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