Overview / History

The Faculty of Architecture Gallery, also known as the ARCH 2 Gallery (A2G), is one of the few galleries in Canada focusing specifically on issues related to design. It is one of the only regional galleries with this specific focus and as such is an exceptional resource for the community. The Gallery is located in the main floor of the Architecture 2 building.


Mission and Objectives

The mandate of the ARCH 2 Gallery is to exhibit two dimensional, three dimensional and digital work, that has design as a primary content focus and that is deemed to be of excellent quality. The exhibition must show evidence of the work of design professionals, faculty, students, professional artists, and alumni in the local, national, or international context. The presentation of work should serve first and foremost the student of the faculty of architecture. The presentation of work should serve the following intentions: pedagogical vehicle; dissemination [awareness]; linkages with other design communities [local national and international], public and other University of Manitoba constituents.


Description of the Physical Space

Architecture 2 Gallery (A2G) is a 24’ wide, 30’ deep and 10’ high ‘box’ space dedicated to exhibition programming. The gallery faces main corridor or Architecture 2 building at 200 Level, at the same level of the building’s loading bay. The space is equipped with track lights and electrical outlets for the electronic medium. The full glazed face of the gallery facing the corridor provides visually direct yet sonically discreet exhibition space.