The challenge of  TRANS-PLAN 2017  was to design an exhibition installation in relation to MEMORY, one of the themes of 2017 ATMOSPHERE SYMPOSIUM, the annual symposium at the Faculty of Architecture University of Manitoba, as an immersive and cinematic experience. The winning entry, selected by the jury,  was installed and exhibited in A2G for public viewing during the months of February and March 2017. The winning team was invited to install and present the work during the 2017 ATMOSPHERE SYMPOSIUM.

Calvin Chua | Architectural Association, UK & SUTD, Singapore |Spatial Anatomy
Clay Odom | Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA | School of Architecture Advanced Interior Design
Jerszy Seymour | Sandberg Instituut, Netherland | The Dirty Art Department
Jonah Corne | Univ. of Manitoba, Canada | Faculty of Arts, English Film and Theatre
William Galloway | Keio University, Japan | Frontoffice TOKYO

Technical Advisor
Jae-Sung Chon | University of Manitoba, Canada | Environmental Design | Director at A2G